ГИА — 2015: английский язык. Задачи. Ответы. Решения. Обучающая система Дмитрия

"ГИА — 2015: английский язык. Задачи. Ответы. Решения. Обучающая система Дмитрия "
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ГИА — 2015: английский язык. Задачи. Ответы. Решения. Обучающая система Дмитрия

… My older brother has decided to collect mugs, imagine that. He has already got eight mugs from different places he has visited. It’s a nice collection but it takes up so much room … Why do people collect things? What do you collect or what would you like to collect? What other hobbies are popular with teenagers in your country?
Thanks for your letter. It was nice to hear from you. Sorry, I couldn’t answer you earlier. What an interesting hobby your brother has chosen! I don’t know anyone who did the same thing. In my opinion people collect things because they want to compete with other people who have the same kind of hobby. Also, I think that collecting is similar to a game and it’s fascinating. Right now I’m collecting various match boxes with matches of different colors and sizes. At the moment my collection counts 50 different kinds. In Russia teenagers do many things besides collecting.
…I am so fond of Japanese cartoons, that I’ve decided to learnJapanese. Mum says it’s hard, but I think it’s worth it. Besides, their writing is cool! …
…What languages do you learn at school? What other language would you like to learn, why? What do you think about my choice of Japanese?
I’m glad you have a new hobby which is related with something what you like (I mean Japanese cartoons and your choice to learn this language). I think that it’s a good idea indeed and I wish you good luck, because I know that it’s hard, especially writing. Learning all those hieroglyphics should be a giant brain work. Talking about me, I learn English and Spanish at school and I like them both. I would like to learn Italian because it would be easy to do as I know Spanish already.
…I’ve just been to Australia. I saw kangaroos and koalas! I even learned surfing at one of the Australian beaches! That was unbelievable! I definitely want to go there again!
…Where did you spend your last summer? What did you like most about it? Which country would you like to visit one day, why? …
Thank you for your letter, I liked it a lot: so inspiring and full of joy! I’m glad you enjoyed being in Australia, seeing all those animals. I apologize I didn’t answer you earlier, didn’t have enough time.
My last summer I spend in Spain, on so called Costa Brava, it’s not far from Barcelona, which I visited during that trip. I saw the famous park Guel, the ancient gothic area and wonderful Main Street of the city. But what I liked the most about this city was Sagrada familia. It’s something unbelievable! One day I would like to visit the United States because I have a lot of friends there and it would be nice to make a trip through the country with them.
…Yesterday our teacher asked us to stay after classes. A basketball star came to us to talk about sport in everyday life. The way he spoke about being a teenager was funny. He said he didn’t like getting up early!…
…When do you get up in the morning? What do you do to keep fit? Would you like to go in for sports professionally, why?